Harley Heartbreak Vs. The Evil Dead

by Antler Hopkins

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Harley Heartbreak vs. The Evil Dead
A track off of Antler Hopkins' upcoming full length: Eat People II


There's a devil hiding under your skin, darling.
Shallow in the shore line of your shadow stricken skeleton.
I love the way you dance upon the graves of every heart you've stolen.

There's a monster watching me while I sleep, baby.
Close my eyes, inside my eyelids she creeps up on me.
I love the way that I put you in your place,
six feet under the.....

So, leave your chagrin up on the shelf.
There's no bible under that belt.
Daughter of the devil, harlot from hell.
And I know you all too well to walk right into your dark spell.
I won't be the one who lives to tell.


Evil is as evil does. Hail to the king, baby.
Give my right hand just because I'm going fucking crazy.
And I love the way that you put me in my place and you
eat my heart away.


released February 8, 2017
Harley Heartbreak was written and performed by Antler Hopkins and recorded at SAM studios.



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Antler Hopkins Nashville, Tennessee

A four-piece indie-rock group from Nashville, TN

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